Shopping Scandinavia

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Online shopping in Scandinavia
We make local shopping easy for you!

Shopping Scandinavia makes shopping directly from Scandinavia available for you. You can purchase the most popular brands online via Shopping Scandinavia. We offer a large selection of new Scandinavian quality products and some of them will also be available as second-hand.

Shopping Scandinavia helps You find the right product for you and inspires You to find interesting Scandinavian design.

We have put together of selection of Scandinavian brands on this page, which we can help You purchase. We will gladly help you find other brands and products that You would be interested to buy directly from Scandinavia.

You’re always welcome to contact us for more information.

Local shopping in The Green Village of Copenhagen

When we receive your request, we send out an employee to go shopping for you. We buy the products from local retailers in a unique area of Copenhagen called “The Green Village of Copenhagen”. A green oasis where the quiet life in green surroundings is much appreciated. Between the shops in the Green Village offering the large Scandinavian design brands, you’ll also find a selection of local retailers offering unique local handcraft and design.

How it works

Via the Shopping Scandinavia service, you can get everything sent directly from Scandinavia to everywhere in the US.

1. You send your request on a specific product or inspiration to find a Scandinavian design product to

2. We’ll return to you with a total price, including the purchase of the product, packaging, handling, shipment and customs, which will be added when sending from Scandinavia to USA. Thus you will only have to pay one total amount for you product.

3. As soon as You’ve accepted the price and we’re ready to send your product, You transfer the amount to us via PayPal or regular bank wire transfer. We’ll then send the product, which You’ll receive in 5-8 days.

Local shopping in Scandinavia has never been easier!

Practical info

All new products will be delivered in the original box.
We’ll send the products via international courier companies FedEx, DHL or UPS.

Scandinavian brands (examples)

Bang & Olufsen – B&O

Royal Copenhagen

Georg Jensen

Poul Henningsen (PH Lamps)

Kay Bojesen

Local design – The green Village of Copenhagen

Michael Weihe Jewelry