Luggage forward service

Luggage service – Hotels

We provide luggage service for hotel guests. For Hotel Guests we offer Pick Up Service and arrange the transport to your next travel destination or to your home address.

Luggage Forward/Home Service combined with Temporary Storage Service.

Luggage Forward Service can be combined with storage service. The extra temporary Storage Service is for you who want a specific delivery date.

Our Luggage Forward and Luggage Home service is for you who prefer a comfortable and relaxed journey without hassle and unnecessary attention with your luggage.

Your luggage is waiting at your destination as agreed.

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Do you need to send your bags and luggage? At Courier Copenhagen, You can drop off your luggage at our local office in Frederiksberg in Copenhagen or we can pick up your bags and luggage from your hotel, cruise ship etc. We can store your items to fit your travel schedule and ship your bags and luggage by courier worldwide for you. Fast, Easy & Secure!

Individuals & holidaymakers

For you who are going on holiday and want an optimal and relaxing journey back and forth to your holiday destination, our luggage service is for you. We pick up your luggage at your address and deliver it to your holiday destination. When you go home you leave your lugage and we will pick it up and bring it back to your home address.

You don’t have to transport your luggage by yourself and you do not have to wait for your luggage at the airport when you arrive. You can go straight to the exit point.

The suitcase will arrive in a few days at your home address. Its your choice – stress free traveling

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Business travelers & exhibits

You are a business traveler and its important for you to travel without stress. An extra lugage or other work tools, exhibition materials, etc. needs extra attention.

We offer a special service for business travelers. We pick up the extra luggage or other materials at your company- or hotel address and deliver it to your destination.

If you are at a trade fair or exhibition and have exhibition material and / or products to be sent home, we offer to pick up the material and deliver it to the desired address.

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Drop off your bags and luggage or let us pick up

We offer to pick up your items from hotels, cruise ships, private addresses etc. But you can also just stop by with the baggage or items you need to send. We work with several different courier companies. Our friendly staff will help you choose which company that will handle the delivery of your bags and luggage the best, and in the most secure way possible. We offer high-quality shipment worldwide to every destination you can think of – and beyond.


We offer high-quality packaging service. We handle your bags and luggage with care and make sure your items are secured for transportation. Our staff has many years of experience in handling and packaging and we only use the best packaging materials.


If you need us to store your bags and luggage in order to fit your travelling schedule, that’s no problem. We offer secure storage of your bags and luggage at our location.

Transportation and custom clearance 

Via our partners we offer secured transportation via air, sea and road. Our staff is updated on the different rules and regulations for each destination country. We take care of all relevant documentation in order to secure as fast and easy custom clearance and delivery as possible.

High-quality tracking 

With the detailed tracking systems provides by our partners, you’ll always know exactly how far underway your shipment is. Your belongings will stay with the same courier from the moment it leaves our office, to it reaches its destination.  We’ll send you tracking information to your email address and the system will provide you with real-time access to the status of your shipment.

We offer secure bags & luggage service to addresses in most of the World – Pick up service: hotels, Cruise Ships etc..

Just stop by or get a quote from us

You don’t have to book in advance. Just stop by our shop during our opening hours.  You can also click here get a quote before you show up. If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to call us at : 33 25 77 25 or email us at

We look forward to hearing from you.