Bike shipping

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Do You need to send your bike? At Courier Copenhagen you can buy a bike travel bag and send your bike worldwide. You simply purchase the bag with shipping at our shop. Take off the wheels, turn the handlebar and place your bike in the bag. Hand back the bike bag to us, and we’ll deliver your bike worldwide in a few days. Fast, easy and secure!


Shipping (own bag/box) to EUROPE (EU) : DKK 3900,- (INCL. 25% VAT)
Shipping (own bag/box) to EUROPE (NON-EU) : DKK 3000,-
Shipping (own bag/box) to USA: DKK 3700,-
Shipping (own bag/box) to ASIA & AUSTRALIA: DKK 5800,-

Vaude Bike Bag Pro incl shipping to EUROPE (EU) : DKK 4400,- (INCL. 25% VAT)
Vaude Bike Bag Pro incl shipping to EUROPE (NON-EU) : DKK 3500,-
Vaude Bike Bag Pro incl shipping to USA: DKK 4200,-
Vaude Bike Bag Pro incl shipping to ASIA & AUSTRALIA: DKK 6300,-

The bag can be used for road-, touring- and mountainbikes – wheelsize up to 29″
See specifications and info about the bag here
We’ll ship the bag via our international courier partners – delivery will take 3-6 days.
You will get high quality tracking to follow your shipment.

A look inside the bike bag

Packaging and responsibility

Please note. You have to disassemble and pack your bike yourself. Our staff cannot provide any help regarding disasembling and packing. You have to hand in the bag closed and ready to send. Our courier partners will of course handle the shipping proffesionally, however Courier Copenhagen can not be held responsible for any damage, that may occur during shipment of the bike.


If you need us to store your bike to fit your traveling schedule, that’s no problem. We’ll charge a small fee depending on how long time. Just ask our staff.

Transportation and custom clearance 

Via our partners we offer secured transportation via air, sea and road. Our staff is updated on the different rules and regulations for each destination country. We take care of all relevant documentation in order to secure as fast and easy custom clearance and delivery as possible.

High-quality tracking 

With the detailed tracking systems provides by our partners, you’ll always know exactly how far underway your shipment is. Your bike will stay with the same courier from the moment it leaves our office, to it reaches its destination.  We’ll send you tracking information to your email address and the system will provide you with real-time access to the status of your shipment.

Just stop by or get a quote from us

You don’t have to book in advance. Just stop by our shop during our opening hours.  You can also click here get a qoute before you show up. If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to call us at : 33 25 77 25 or email us at

We look forward to hearing from you.